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How to Get Work Permit in Canada From India: Simple Steps to Apply

How to Get Work Permit in Canada From India
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Canada has become one of the top choices for the people who want to move abroad and settle down out of India. Although many people go to Canada on a student visa, some prefer to go get a work permit instead as it reduces the investment and also gives a chance to individuals to make a career in the country. The country issues work permit visas to the individual who meets the eligibility criteria. To know how to get a work permit for Canada from India, go through the checklist of the requirements and procedure for the same in this article.

How to Get Work Permit in Canada From India?

The Government of Canada can issue two types of Work Visas: Temporary Work Visa and Permanent Work Visa. Depending upon the requirements and criteria, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship department of Canada issues the work permit to the eligible individuals. Here is a list of the required documents that you may need for a work permit:

  • Job offer from the employer in Canada: If you are applying for a work permit directly, then you need to have a job offer from the employer in the country. This offer can help you to get a temporary work permit that is valid for four years.
  • Completed Visa Form: You can apply for Visa online and offline and submit the form to complete the procedure.
  • Valid Passport: You should hold a valid passport that has the least validity of six months for traveling to Canada.
  • Educational Qualification and Job experience: The certificates for all your educational qualifications as well as previous job experience is required for the Visa.
  • Medical Checkup Report: A report of the medical checkup is required to ensure that you are healthy and have no threatening diseases.
  • Proof of funds: IRCC also asks for proof of funds to assure the government that one is financially stable to support their livelihood in Canada.

There are other documents required to depending upon the type of Visa you are applying for. But these are the essential documents that one needs to produce for the visa application process.

For Temporary Visa: Canada offers a work permit temporarily if you have a job offer from a recognized employer in Canada. The offer should also include a Labour Market Opinion issued by HRSDC ( Human Resources and Skills Development Canada ). The temporary work visa holders are not eligible to apply for PR but can opt for Citizenship after fulfilling all the requirements.

For Permanent Visa: If you are looking forward to getting a permanent work permit in Canada, then you can do the same by applying for PR. There are three ways that you can apply for the PR : 

Express Entry System: For Skilled Workers, for this system, you do not need an offer letter from the employer. This is the only exceptional system to get a work permit without any employment offer.

Provincial Nominee Program: For both skilled and federal workers. A job offer is a must to get a PR as well as a work permit.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program: This program is exclusively for people aspiring to settle down and getting a job in Quebec.

You can apply for the Visa in two ways: 

Online application: You can apply for the Visa online by making a profile on the official site of IRCC and fulfill all the required criteria. Login to www.canada.ca, start the procedure and pay the application fee to complete the process.

Offline application: You can also apply for the Visa online by visiting the Canada Visa Application Centre managed by VFS Global. There are centers in many cities of India where you can go in-person and complete the procedure for applying for the Visa.

Concluding Remarks

Although the application process seems a little tricky, an experienced and expert consultant can help you with it. It’s better to hire a consultant as they know all the documents required for application to make the process hasslefree and quick. 

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