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Student Visa Consultant

We at Sagar Consultants have experience of more than ten years of helping the students get the best career options abroad. Any student aspiring to study overseas requires Student Visa, an official document of the interested country. Our team of expert consultants assists with the complete procedure of Student Visa. As the rules and regulations for obtaining such a Visa are stringent, we make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled before filing for the Visa. The process of getting a Visa is different for different countries. We help our students in filling the Visa application form correctly, collecting required documents, producing financial statements, and also preparing them for the Visa interviews.

We also help our students in selecting the University based on their country preferences. Along with that, we also assist them in getting all the required documents required for Student Visa. We make the process easy so that our students can focus entirely on their education. Sagar Consultants is proud to have more than a 99% success rate in obtaining Student Visa. All the students are eligible to get a free consultation for the Student Visa at Sagar Consultants. We help the students in obtaining the student Visa for various countries such as:

European countries such as

We provide complete counseling services, coaching for various exams such as IELTS and PTE, filling up the form of universities and institutes. We also guide our students for Visa interviews by conducting mock rounds for interviews. Our expert team stays updated about all the new changes and rules made to the existing procedures. 

Sagar Consultants is a trusted name among students seeking help because of our constant efforts and a better understanding of the entire process. Apart from all the above-stated stages, we also help our students to get the pre-visa orientation, transferring adequate funds to the account before moving abroad and even for post-landing visa services overseas. 

We are happy to share that Sagar Consultant has helped more than 4000 students to study abroad. We also have tie-ups with more than 500 institutions across the globe for their various courses. We take pride in giving complete counseling and helping all our students settling in the country of their choice and shaping their career paths.