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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Everyone can visit any country on this globe. For traveling abroad and visiting countries of your choice, obtaining a Visitor Visa is mandatory. Every country has different requirements for the nonimmigrant visa for a temporary stay and immigrant visa for permanent residence.

It is a type of permit granted by the country to visit and stay for the number of days mentioned on it. Some countries have easy Visa application while others have stringent criteria than others. It should be noted that the country reserves the right to decline your request if the requirements are not fulfilled properly. The country you are applying Visa for and the country you belong to, both factors play a vital role in getting Visitor Visa.

  • Visa Category B-1: This category is suitable for the people who want to enter a foreign country temporarily for business.
  • Visa Category B-2: This category of Visa is suitable for people only interested in visiting the country as a tourist.
  • Visa Category (B-1/B-2): The option has a combination of both the categories mentioned above. One can visit as well as stay their temporarily.

It should be noted that every Visa comes with specific Terms and Conditions. The countries can also decline your entry due to security reasons. Many Countries also offer Visa on Arrival so you should check the requirements before planning your international trip.

It’s vital to have an expert Visa consultant for helping you with the entire process of obtaining Visa. We at Sagar Consultants have an expert team that helps you in understanding the whole visa process along with the requirements you need to fulfill for getting it. In some places, you can apply for a tourist visa online for which you need to be ready with the required documents.

There are many ways in which you can apply for a Visitor Visa, such as in person at the embassy, online or by using the services of an immigration consultant. Having an immigrant consultant is of great help as they are aware of all the new changes made to the existing requirements. The rules for Visitor Visa change without any prior notice, so make sure that you take help from a reliable consultant to avoid any last minute changes. At Sagar Consultants, we assist with every type of Visitor Visa and also help candidates to get the Visa in time.