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Spouse & Dependent Visa

Everyone likes to live with their partners and family in a foreign country. If you are searching for ways to get your Spouse and children to the country you are planning to migrate in, then our expert team of consultants can help you to do so. Our team helps your partner and children to get Visa in a short time. There are different types of Visa for getting your partners, such as:

This Visa allows the Spouse and children to live in the country you are residing in for temporary basis. The permit for the Visa depends on the status of the sponsor. Spouse dependent visa is a permit that allows you to sponsor your partner in the country you are living in. It also enables your Spouse to work on the spouse dependent work permit.

If you are a permanent resident in a country, you can get a Visa for your Spouse quite easily. You can sponsor your Spouse under the Spouse dependent Visa. The Spouse can also apply for a work permit if they want to work abroad. Under this category, the Spouse directly gets a PR based on the sponsor’s PR. The usual time taken for processing such Visa depending on a permanent residence is 8-10 weeks.

For the people who are studying abroad and want to help their Spouse to get the Visa, this is the suitable visa option. Under this category, any person having a study permit, studying in a renowned university or college can apply for the spouse dependent visa and can also apply for the work permit too. 

At Sagar Consultants, we have been helping people to reunite with their partners and family by providing them the full assistance for the process. We look after the documentation process and make sure that there are no errors while applying for the Spouse dependent visa. Our consultants make sure that the process is completed in time and you get Visa in 8-10 weeks.

  • There must be valid relationship proofs to apply for the Visa.
  • The Visa holder should be of 18 years and live in the specified country.
  • The documents are showing a valid source of funds to sponsor your Spouse on dependent Visa.