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How to Calculate IELTS Score for Immigration Canada (2020 Guide)

How to Calculate IELTS Score for Immigration Canada
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Choosing a whole different country comes with lots of research, and after the research, one has to pass many stages emotionally, physically, mentally, and, most importantly, legally. So to begin with the planning of shifting to Canada you need to be clear if you want a Permanent Residency or you want to go on a student basis. 

How to Calculate IELTS Score for Immigration Canada?

There are two parts in one needs to get enrolled for Canada immigration:

  • General Training
  • Academic Purpose

The reading and writing parts differ with respect to the selection of the educational objective instead of the academic motive or general education. The themes of these two levels change according to the objective to be achieved. The rest is the same as listening and speaking.

  • One can complete the whole speaking part in a week or a half.
  • Reading, writing, and listening needs continuous practice. One can refer to the official sites for reference too.

The express entry has different CLB slabs.

  • The federal skilled worker program 
  • The federal qualified merchant program 
  • And experienced class migration 

Bifurcation of scores with correct answers

Listening Scores

Correct Answers
Band scores

For Reading, Writing and Listening you can go through a similar tabulation example on British Council’s official website.

CLB Level

Score requirement for different Canada Immigration programs

  • If you are opting for Permanent Residence programs, then it can be divided into two factors, Express Entry and PNP. 
  • CLB 7 is the score requirement for Federal Express Entry 
  • For Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program score requirement is CLB 7 for express entry.
  • CLB 7 is the score requirement for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program.
  • CLB 4 is the score requirement for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.
  • If you are opting for the student visa, then the score requirement is CLB 7. 

NOC Class migrationThese vary in four categories like, 

  • listening ranges from 9-5 in this case,
  • reading ranges from 9-4,
  • writing ranges from 9-5,
  • speaking ranges from 9-5

Federal skilled trades’ program:

  • The CLB ranges from 10 to 4.
  • Listening ranges from 9 to 4.5
  • Reading ranges from 9 to 3.5
  • Writing ranges from 9 to 4
  • Speaking ranges from 9 to 4

Skilled worker program:

  • the CLB ranges from 10 to 7
  • speaking CLB ranges from 9 to 6
  • the listening CLB ranges from 9-7
  • the reading CLB ranges from 9-6
  • the writing CLB ranges from 9-6

Thus, I hope this article must have made crystal clear about the calculation of the scores for IELTS exams. The above information is the basic knowledge of the language and what are the criteria to receive visas in two ways. I hope this article would have helped you to calculate the IELTS score for immigration Canada. 

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